Thursday, August 13, 2009

The last appiontment

The last appointment

It was a quick one. I was hoping for 3-4 cm but before she even checked me, she asked me how long I wanted to go. What, what? How long for what? Oh, um today. OOHhhh anything but the 19th. You know, the ex-wife’s birthday. Ok, well how’s Friday or Saturday? Well let’s check you first, then we’ll see.

So I got checked. Geez that hurts, that really does hurt. It feels like she’s squeezing my cervix like a melon. Is it ripe? 1-2 cm this week… which is a little more than last week. So, when do you want to do this? Friday or Saturday? I’ll call the hospital and see what works, Friday works.

What just happened? That was a multiple choice question. I didn’t study for that pop quiz. Did she really just give me the choice of when I want to have this baby?

She came back and Friday works. So, we need to be at the hospital 6:30am this Friday. We’ll start pitocin and then I’ll break your water. See you Friday and she was gone.

Wait, what just happened? Holy crap, we are getting induced this Friday. That’s in 2 days. That means I have 1 more day to work and then I’ll be Mom. This wasn’t part of my plan… Again, holy crap, this wasn’t part of my plan. The plan was to labor at home until we were contracting 1-5-1 then we would go to the hospital. So now we are going to the hospital first like it’s any other day and they will make me get to 1-5-1.

Plan has changed and now I’m wondering if they can give me the epidural before they even start the contractions. That wasn’t the plan either, but as long as we’re throwing plans out the window, why not continue…? Ok so the original plan was to tough it out and do this thing naturally. I guess now we just wait and see how tough I feel tomorrow.

It’s Thursday night, and we just had rib eye’s and sweet corn from the grill. Now we’re watching a movie. Today’s there three in our family, tomorrow there will be four. Happy Birthday Sydney! We’re very excited to meet you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

THE beginning...

So I said to myself and my husband. I'm going to write a blog. We laughed. I said I have things to say and people might actually be interested. We'll see what happens....
What makes me qualified to blog? Well, I'm a recent MBA grad in my early 30's, but really, who needs a reason? I've done lots in life and have lots left to do. That makes anyone qualified. But really I just see this as an outlet to blog and/or vent about whatever is scratching my surface on any particular day.

As of today, I'm just 1 day shy of 39 weeks pregnant with my first child. Hubby's second - He's Daddy 2 times. I'm Mommy 1 time. Counting the days until baby Sydney makes her grand entrance, which according to the Doc could be any time even though most first timer's are born within 4 days of the due date which by the way it August 14, 2009. I think she'll be born on the 12th. So that's the beginning of my official Mom-hood.

Does Step-Mom count in the Mom-hood years?

Speaking of Daddy 2 times, his first time is an AWESOME teenage girl, Abby. She'll be 15 and a half next week. We all know that means it soon will be time for drivers ed and then driving. Yikes! Good thing I just got these highlights done. I wouldn't want to show any gray from all the worry that goes along with having a teeny bopper at home.

THE history...
Daddy 2 times and I have been together for just over 7 years, married for almost 4. WOW, really, has it been that long? let me say it again. WOW! Time flies when you have as much fun as we do!

More to come soon! Hope you all enjoy!