Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know that it's rare for somone in their early thirties to have grandparents that are still alive.  It's even more rare to have more than one grand parent.  Sydney is very lucky to have three great-grandma's.  Yeah, that's right, 3.  Great Grandma Grace and Great Grandma CC on my side and Great Grandma Helen on Frank's side.
Frank, Great Grandma Helen, Sydney, Grandma

Jess, Great Grandma Grace, Sydney, Grammy

Great Grandma CC, Sydney

Sydney is also very lucky to have all of her Grandparents too!  Grammy and Grampy S. and Grandma and Papa V.
Papa, Grandma V, Sydney

Grammy, Sydney (Look at how little she was!)

Grampy, Sydney

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Head Examined? Check.

I went for my first MRI yesterday, not that it's an acomplishment to be proud of, well maybe for some it is.  What a wierd experience.  I thought about cancelling my appointment again, for the second time... 
You see, I started this MRI journey back in October because I was extremely dizzy.  I thought being full of The Dizzy was due to a new pair of glasses, sleep deprivation from being back to work and having a 2 month old baby.  At the end of October I thought I better get checked out so I saw my GP in early November for The Dizzy.  At that same time, I ended up having a sinus infection, so he attributed The Dizzy to The Infection.  I knew, however, that The Dizzy was from something more.  So after antibiotics and a few weeks, The Dizzy was not gone. I went back to my GP nearing the end of November. Again, I had a lot of post nasal stuff going on which he also attributed The Dizzy to.  More antibiotics and a Drug to treat The Dizzy.  Another run on antibiotics and still Dizzy.  By now it's nearing Christmas, some days I'm so dizzy and lightheaded I feel like I have to catch myself if I move too fast.  So After taking The Dizzy Drug with no relief I see my GP one more time, this time for Strepp Throat and The Dizzy.  He says "Oh, I guess it's not Vertigo, that usually goes away in about 6 weeks".  I mention seeing an ENT, he sort of talks around the topic and tells me to wait it out.  At the end of January, I call him for a referral to an ENT.  This is OUT OF HAND.  So, I go to see the lovely Dr. Lister.  And by lovely, I mean dorky young doctor.  He sort of reminds me of Steve from Blues Clues.  He is, however, super nice.  After doing some tests on me, making me sit, stand, lean, with eyes closed and open, he ruled out Vertigo.  I also had to have a hearing test, which I passed with flying colors. (Don't tell my hubby ;) )  So now, to rule out any benign tumors, I had to have an MRI.  He also thinks it could be some sort of Migraine.  I originally had the MRI scheduled the same day as Sydney's 6 months appointment, and since she was sort of freaking out from 4 shots that day, I decided to reschedule. Mostly because I would have to pump and dump for 24 hours, but in my book, taking care of my baby is as good an excuse as any.  After contemplating rescheduling the appointment again, I realized I need to go see what the hell is going on with The Dizzy for Sydney.  It's amazing how much I do these days is for/because of her.  So, yesterday I finally went for my appointment.  It was annoying.  Half an hour in a small space is not my idea of fun.  I got to the appointment and they were running 20 minutes late.  Finally I got to the room.  Never even looked at the machine, laid down closed my eyes and never opened them until the end.  I really did ok until they pulled the table out in order to put the contrast into my blood stream and put me back in.  Then I.STARTED.TO.FREAK.OUT.  In order not to push the Emergency Button, I counted to 10, then backwards from 99 (Don't ask), thought about Sydney, Abby and Frank, then all the bad thoughts came rushing in.  What would happen to Frank if something is really wrong with me and I died?  What would happen to our girls, Abby and Sydney? What if it's a tumor, or cancer, or brain cancer or something worse (not sure what's worse than brain cancer)?  Then they came in and pulled me out.  It was done. I was out and free to go home.  Thank God, because at the point I thought brain cancer, I was ready to press the Emergency Button.  Now the waiting game.... 2-3 days until we know the results.  I think waiting is even more annoying than the test.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I didn't take this picture and I really don't know what that dear child of mine was doing, but it is full of awesome. She sort of has this look on her face like she was caught doing something she shouldn't have been.


This is how she fell asleep holding on to her little pillow.

Baptism Day - Our little Angel

YUM! Sydney Loves Cereal!

I'm not sure if you all know what a Johnny Jump Up is, but she loves that thing.  If you have never seen a child go totally apeshit in one of these, I suggest you high tail it to my house before she grows out of it.  It's sort of like a person who has had about six too many latte's and totally hilarious. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Once, I was pierced

So yes, I was pierced in more places than my ears.  No, not there, don't be gross.  At one point in my early twenties, I had 7 piercings. 
Last weekend, my husband got a call from his ex-wife stating that Miss 16 got her nose pierced.  Yes, her nose.  Can I just say noses gross me out to begin with not to mention when they are pierced. Ew. Don't get me wrong, if you have your nose pierced and you look cute, then more power to you, but I don't have to like it.  The worst part about the whole thing is that her Mother took her and seemingly made it ok because 'She was going to do it anyway'.  Really, so that makes it ok for you to take her and NOT CONSULT her Father?  If she had been within reach I would have smacked her, well both of them.
The other thing that really bothered me about the piercing is that her Mother said that Miss 16 said that her Father wouldn't mind because I was pierced and it didn't bother him.  For the record as mentioned before, I was in my twenties and 5 of the 7 piercings were in my ears.  The others were relatively unseen, bellybutton and tongue.  Did I mention I was in my twenties?  The bellybutton was one of those things I did while on vacation and it was really cute for quite a few years.  The tongue, well, that was something I just had to do and it was totally a spur of the moment thing.  It hurt like hell and I would never recommend it to ANYONE.  I kept it for about a year and when I had to take it out for a hospital stay I never put it back in.  No harm no foul, no one can see the little scar and people who didn't know me then are surprised when I tell them I had my tongue pierced. 
Again, did I mention I was in my twenties?  And noses = EW

Friday, February 5, 2010

So, I used to sell Plastic

So, a few years ago, I sold plastic.  I know what you're thinking....plastic?  Yes, I sold Tupperware.  For a while, I actually did really well... There was one summer where we partied all summer on my earnings from one month.  That was over $3000 worth of summer fun in the sun.  So much fun, in fact, that I don't remember most of it....  But that is a blog for another day.  Ahhhh to be young again.

Why you ask amd I telling you about my sales of Tupperware?  You see, as I was cleaning up for the Baptism party two weeks ago.  I found more boxes of Tupperware.  This wouldn't normally be an issue but there are already 6 or more HUGE boxes and/or bags packed full of stuff I need to get rid of.  And now I found more boxes.  Don't tell that dear husband of mine...I'm keeping this little secret to myself *wink wink*.  Now that Miss Sydney is getting into a longer napping routine, I plan on stepping away from the computer for part of my day off each week, spending some time sorting through the mess, figuring out what I have and figuring out a way to make a little cash while finding a new home for it all.

I'm really hoping to get this done in a month or two, so I guess I better get going.  Leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter if you are interested in any of this Plastic Gold.  The sooner I can get this stuff out of the Man Cave, the happier Dear Husband will be!