Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy 10 Month Birthday, My Dear Sydney

I can't believe how fast the time goes. It seems like just yesterday you were in my belly.

And then you were out of my belly - my little peanut.
Over the weekend we spent time with the extended family to celebrate Jeff and Jamie's marriage.  Just about this time last year, we were celebrating Breakfast on the Farm and I was about 7 months pregnant with you.  I can't believe the difference a year makes. 
I am so proud to have you as my baby girl.  You are always so happy and you make me forget about all troubles.  I mean, really, who can resist someone so cute!

I can't believe you'll be walking soon and then you'll be talking using real words.  Don't grow up too fast Baby Girl!  I love you!
p.s. I also can't believe I'm still nursing you!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's are Cool

I love Friday's.  They are my day off for the week and my time to hang with Sydney - just the two of us.  I am amazed each Friday when I get to spend the day with her how much she has changed since Sunday.  Today when she woke up, she was a bear.  Just not a happy girl and I'm not sure why.  We did our usual Friday routine - played a bit, then had breakfast.  She was sassy during her cereal and apples so we finished up fast and put her down for a nap.  She screamed a solid 10 minutes and then was silent, like flipping a switch, and slept far more than an hour.  Then we went to the library so I could pick up the book I had on hold - yes it's about running (Thanks Diane).  This is the first time Sydney has been to our local library and she had a blast.  She watched the other kids very intently and we read several books, including one about her favorite Wonder Pets.  Once we were done at the library, we watched a teenager driving a Yukon back right into the parked Camry behind her.  You can only image what that crunch sounded like and boy am I glad I was parked on the other side of the street.  I watched her for a bit to make sure she wouldn't just drive off, which she didn't, then we walked across the street to visit the park and see the flowers and fountain.  Sydney sure does love the water and begged for me to let her go in.  I did not - silly girl.  Our next place to visit was the mall - specifically Barnes and Noble and Lady Foot Locker.  Sydney got a new musical book and I got coffee - not the shoes I was hoping for.  Not one of the three athletic shoe stores carry the brand of running shoes I was looking for, so the hunt continues.  By the time we were done walking all over the mall, Sydney was hungry and tired.  She ate, then napped for a long time.  Instead of doing anything productive, I stared at Twitter, Facebook, email and my Google Reader.  When she finally woke up, she had a snack and we played and sang along to her new book.  Pretty soon it was time for Daddy to come home, then supper.  She tried noodles for the first time tonight.  She wasn't too sure about them, but we'll keep trying.  She was out like a light by 7:30 - gotta love it.  I decided that I was going to mop the kitchen with the new mop Frank bought last week.  Unfortunately mopping the kitchen took about two hours - our kitchen is very small - it should take 20 minutes, tops.  The mop he brought totally fell apart when I tried to use it.  We use the kind of mop with the sponge on the end that you have to squeeze the water from.  Well, when I tried to press the handle down to squeeze out the water, the sponge kept popping off.  After this happening several times, I threw the mop out the back door and walked to CVS for a new one.  A bag of Doritos, Women's Health, a new mop and $28 later, the floor is finally clean.  Dishes are done, floors are vacuumed/mopped and now I'm going to bed. 
Friday's are cool, even if I only get some of my to do list done.  Hanging with my baby is better than any to do list anyway.