Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm a freak about lists.  Ask Frank.  He'll tell you that if I don't write it down, I'll forget it.  It was bad before, but since I found out I was pregnant and now after Sydney was born, it's even worse.  I can no longer blame it on sleep deprivation because said baby is now sleeping all the way through the night, mostly.  Which means that so am I. And I'm usally getting at least 8 hours a night. 
I digress.  Back to lists.
Yes, I am a list maker.  I have so many lists, I should really be keeping a list of all my lists.  I have several lists of things on my phone, because there I am less likely to misplace the list and get pissed.  I have lists saved in Google Documents, in Word, on paper, on the back of an enevelope on the table - which is not my normal place for lists, but I was too lazy to get paper or my phone.  I have lists of things to do - sorted by home or work, things to buy - sorted by store, the Bucket List, lists of books I want to read, music I want to check out, places I want to visit, etc.  Maybe I really need to work on my memory, then I wouldn't need so many lists.... Or maybe I just need a vacation.

Oh and go check out Aunt Becky today. She needs a little help.

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Michelle said...

Ha Ha Jess...I'm right there with you on the lists and my husband shakes his head at me. We had papers with my lists everywhere. Then I tried to store them in the computer, but when we got a virus and my cousin had to erase everything on our computer...deep breath.... MY LISTS WERE GONE!!!! DUN DUN DUN!! I told Scott "see maybe there was a reason I had lists of lists and lists that were basically the same as my others. Just in case one got lost I didn't lose everything only bits of the lists"...LMAO...Now I got a small notebook for my purse for and a big one for at home to keep these lists contained. So far so good. Maybe I should add to my list that I should update you on how the notebook of lists is working..haha...happy list making!!!! :)