Monday, August 16, 2010

The First Birthday

This weekend, we celebrated a milestone.  My sweet baby girl is no longer a baby.  She has morphed into a toddler and turned one whole year old.  In the days leading up to the celebration of her birth, I remembered where we were and what we were doing last year. 
Last year on the morning of August 14, I looked like this:
(Yes, I think that was the last shirt I owned that covered my belly.)

I wrote about the last appointment and I also wrote about the labor.

All day on Saturday, Sydney's actual birthday, I was thinking about where we were.  My labor went so fast that by the time we were ready for her party, we had missed the actual time she was born.
We had just our immediate family over, even though I would have loved to have a big party for her, we only have about 900 sq ft in our condo so less is definitely enough.  We crammed 17 adults plus a rambunctious toddler into the lower level and watched her put on a show. 
First, we played outside for a little while before everyone came over to celebrate.

When our guests arrived, she posed for everyone.

Then, we had cake and ice cream.

Next, we opened presents.

And admired outfits.

On Sunday, we spend the day at my parent's house.  A friend from high school came to take pictures of Sydney.  Sydney was a sweetheart the whole time and Jenny takes some amazing pictures.  The one picture I did see from yesterday is awesome.  So awesome that I was speechless when I saw it.  (Yes, Dad, I had no words!)
We also had her 12 month check up today and she is doing great. 29 inches tall, 20 lb 4.5 oz heavy, and the Doc gave us two thumbs up.
My baby girl is growing up.  I'm a little sad and a lot excited.

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