Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Miss Muffet

Clearly, I am just like Little Miss Muffet... except for the fact that I was sitting on my chase lounge in my living room updating Twitter, when the spider crawled up the arm of my chair and I freaked out.  However, let me set the scene...
Sunday evening.  We were watching that night's episode of Ice Road Truckers on DVR.  Frank got up to take something to the kitchen when he saw The Spider on the wall about 3 feet to the left of me.  He ran to get something to kill it with, but was too slow and when he came back, it was gone.  Not really, though.  It was hiding behind the book shelf.  Mind you this is a 6 foot tall, 3 foot wide shelf with a back.  While we tried to figure out a way to get The Spider out, I decided to stand on the chair and push the shelf back towards the wall - in hopes that I could push it back enough to crush it.  That didn't work.  Since we didn't think of using hairspray as many of my Tweeps suggested, we did use Lysol.  Which, just for the record, doesn't kill a thing.  What it did do was drop the spider 5 feet to the floor.  Which is where the story usually ends.  But not at my house.  Frank proceeded to move stuff around on the floor - school bag, his guitar case, a small magazine rack.  As he was unable to find the spider, he retreated to the kitchen.  Moments later, I screamed like a school girl, hopped out of my chair faster than I have ever moved in my life.  Why did I scream?  Well, only because that spider was crawling up the arm of my chair, about 3 inches from my arm.  This is where I tweeted this.  Frank then started scouring the chair and found The spider in the corner of the chair crawling down into the seat of the chair.  So, this of course, prompted us to pull the chair out, and everything that is lurking behind it.  After moving EVERYTHING, looking with a flashlight.  No spider.  That night I dreampt (not well but that's a story for a different time) about spiders.  It was not awesome.  Now, a week later, I am sitting in the chair for the first time with only minor heebeejeebees.  Also, still no spider.  I am convinced that The Spider laid spider eggs in my house and we'll have a huge mess to deal with.

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