Friday, October 15, 2010

In the Drive Thru and Five Years

I don't normally go to the bank, and if I do, I ususally make arrangements to go while I'm already walking around downtown.  Today, I decided to go through the drive thru at the downtown US Bank branch.  You know the one, at the tower.  While I don't go here often, it was on my way to the store.  Since we are leaving for vacation tomorrow, I needed to do a few quick errands including the bank, grocery store, gas station, and grabbing lunch.  When I pulled underneath the tower, there were 2 cars ahead of me in each line and no one in the business line.  It was about 12:15.  While I know that 2 cars in each line may take a while, I figured it would go quick.  I mean it IS Friday and there is going to be more than just one teller working, right?  There was only one teller working.  Those 4 cars turned into 5 because one showed up in the business line.  And as you know, the business line trumps everyone else.  Normally I'm a pretty patient person and waiting like this doesn't bother me.  Today, however, was a different story.  Not only were there now 5 cars ahead of me, each one of them had major banking business to handle.  Not just the normal deposit or withdrawal.  As I waited, I was checking in to see what my Twitter friends were up to.  Not a big deal until I noticed I had been sitting there for about 10 minutes and hadn't moved forward even an inch.  How could it possibly take so long?  I realized then, that there was only one teller.  She finished up the first car in each line and moved on to the business customer, which by that time I was watching the clock closely.  The business customer took 10 minutes.  Then, the rocket scientist in front of me was not prepared and took over 5 minutes to just get her information together.  When she was finally finished with her transaction and ready to drive away, she sent the carrier back.  It was EMPTY!  And she sent it back.  While I waited for the teller to send it back, she did appologize.  She was very fast with my transaction and I was on my way.  One half hour later, I was finished at the bank.  Now to move on to my other errands - oh wait there is no time for the other errands....  I was able to fill up the gas tank and get back to work in time to warm up some frozen crap I had there.  I heated my lunch and calmed down a bit, then placed a call to the branch manager.  That's right folks, I called the bank to complain about the snail like service and the manager appologized and thanked me for my patience.  Not like I had a choice, if you've even been in that drive through line, once you're in, you're in.  There's no getting out.  I let her know that I thought that only one teller responsible for three drive through lines was completely unacceptable. 

In other better news, Today is the day we celebrate being hitched for 5 years!

Happy Anniversary Baby!

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Anonymous said...

I have sooo been there before, Jess. And just like you, I have called our bank and complained at least 3 times about their service. Kristin