Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today she was the one being naughty

So, last April, I wrote about Sydney getting bit by a kid at daycare. Well, today, she was the one doing the biting... When I picked her up, one of the evening teachers let me know there had been an incident.  Sydney went for one of the kids and tried to bite him/her and the teacher caught her and separated the kids.  As soon as the teachers turned their back, they heard another kid screaming.  Yes, my sweet little Sydney chomped another kid.  I don't know the extent of the damage and they won't tell me which kid it was (Daycare policy), but said I'd be able to tell tomorrow.  I hate that she was the one doing the damage this time.  I'll find out more details tomorrow to see what the circumstances were.  And I sure hope this is a one time thing. 

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mommaruth said...

Aw, she'll be fine! That's just part of being a "kid" - Sidney doesn't spend too much time around other kids so she hasn't picked up on the biting thing, but I know it'll happen eventually one way or the other!