Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Shit!

Be warned – This post is not for those with a queasy stomach.

Literally….. So, Tuesday. Frank had a half day so he picked up the baby early from his sister’s house. After a few rough days I wasn’t sure how she’d sleep, so early in the day I talked to Nicki and at that time she was sleeping. She continued to take 2 three and a half hour naps during the day only eating once and not pooping at all……. (I know you know where this is going)

At 4:45, Frank called to ask me where the milk was cuz the baby woke up and was hungry. The milk is in the freezer , thaw it in some water and you’ll be good to go.

I got home about 5:20. I don’t even think the screen door was closed and Abby came running downstairs and said “Dad needs you IMMEDIATELY, the baby pooped everywhere”. I laughed – yeah right I was thinking.

Yeah right, ah Yeah, she did. She pooped everywhere. On her onesie, her sleeper, all the way up her back. It ended up on her shoulders, her elbows, the brand new living room pillow, but remarkably, not on Frank who was holding her while the event happened. He said that he didn’t hear anything – mind you, usually my baby does some significant grunting in order to have a BM and usually you can hear the diaper filling up. BUT THEN he smelt it, and lifted her up to make sure she didn’t leak. Moments later she was happy as a clam sitting in her own poo…

So, since Abby was so excitedly telling me that Dad needed me, I RAN upstairs and when I walked into the bedroom, her chubby little naked body was on the changing table with Frank having a little bit of a freak out while mildly gagging and insisted she have her nightly bath immediately. He did a great job cleaning her up, so we waited a bit to see if there was another blow out and then bathed her at her normal pre-bedtime time. No additional blow out and this baby was totally happy, almost laughing in the face of what some would call a disaster.
Thank God, Mom got home in time to clean up the messy clothes, take out the poopy garbage and open the window to get the stink out.

Update: I have been assured that Frank will write his version of the incident. I'll post when complete!

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Jennifer said...

That is too funny Jess. To bad you dont have any pictures of frank kreaking out and the lovely surprise your angel gave you. That is definiatly something to remember and you'll never forget.