Friday, February 5, 2010

So, I used to sell Plastic

So, a few years ago, I sold plastic.  I know what you're thinking....plastic?  Yes, I sold Tupperware.  For a while, I actually did really well... There was one summer where we partied all summer on my earnings from one month.  That was over $3000 worth of summer fun in the sun.  So much fun, in fact, that I don't remember most of it....  But that is a blog for another day.  Ahhhh to be young again.

Why you ask amd I telling you about my sales of Tupperware?  You see, as I was cleaning up for the Baptism party two weeks ago.  I found more boxes of Tupperware.  This wouldn't normally be an issue but there are already 6 or more HUGE boxes and/or bags packed full of stuff I need to get rid of.  And now I found more boxes.  Don't tell that dear husband of mine...I'm keeping this little secret to myself *wink wink*.  Now that Miss Sydney is getting into a longer napping routine, I plan on stepping away from the computer for part of my day off each week, spending some time sorting through the mess, figuring out what I have and figuring out a way to make a little cash while finding a new home for it all.

I'm really hoping to get this done in a month or two, so I guess I better get going.  Leave a comment here or DM me on Twitter if you are interested in any of this Plastic Gold.  The sooner I can get this stuff out of the Man Cave, the happier Dear Husband will be!

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