Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eventful Weekend and a Second Accident Report

On Friday, Sydney and I stayed home and chilled out.  She had her first real banana.  I held it for her and she licked it.  Then I put it in the baby bag and she mushed it all over everything and loved it!
Saturday, Mommy and Daddy joined Anytime Fitness, because we wan't to stay healthy for our baby girl.

Sunday, we went to brunch with Great Grandma Grace.  Sydney dressed up and was very excited.
Also, on Sunday, I installed Sydney's big girl car seat.  It is a convertible seat and was super easy to install.  When I was done I tested it out by putting her in it.  In the process of buckling her in, I pinched her thigh in the bottom buckle.  It was horrible. 
Frank said "You have her leg."
I said "No, I don't."
"Yes, you do."
"No, I don't."
Then the siren of her scream goes off. 
Yes, I did have her inner thigh in the buckle.  Even now, two days later, I feel horrible, now there's a kidney bean size welt on her leg.  But seriously, it's sort of tough to miss these thighs.
Yes that is a plastic water bottle - why we spend money on toys, I'll never know

I'll tell you this, I am now VERY careful when I buckle her into her seat.  So sorry my little baby.

Monday was another ear infection check and all is clear.  I think we have officially started teething, which explains some of the off and on whiny-ness (yes that's a word), but no pearly whites have shown through just yet.

Today was another day of daycare.  It seemed as though she had a great day, however when I walked into the building I could hear a baby crying.  Not just crying, more like a shreaking scream.  I thought it was Sydney, but then thought maybe not.  When I walked around the corner of the room, Danielle was cuddling Sydney in the rocking chair, you see, she was just on the receiving end of another child's biting.  BITING!  My baby was biten in the cheek by another child.  An almost two year old bit my child.  That's two accident reports in three daycare days.  Let's hope this doesn't become a trend.
I cannot belive my child has bite marks on her face.  She seemed alright once we got home, she even talked to Grammy on speaker phone.  Well, ok, actually she tried to eat the phone more than she talked, so I talked to Grammy instead.

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