Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Don't Like Fire

I don't like hearing about building fires.  It always means something important to someone has been lost.  I'm beginning to think all the places we used to hang out at are going away and we will never be able to show Sydney.

Several years ago, The Regatta 2 bowling alley burned down.  The power's that be said it was caused by faulty electrical and the owner had no insurance.  They had duck pin bowling as well as regular bowling.  They had a great room in the basement that was rented out for parties.  When I was in grade school, the people who owned the alley at that time lived in our area and their daughter went to my school.  We spent time there duck pin bowling.  I've attended several parties in that basement.  Our group of friends spent much time there bowling in the Vegas League (another story for another time) and playing volleyball in the summer league.  One night we were there, the next night it was gone.  I'm sad.  Sad for the family who most recently owned the business.  Sad for the people who went there.

In February, a building on the east side with a few well known resturants and bars also burned down.  The building held four businesses and several apartments.  Frank used to work at the club in that buliding called Cush.  He and I spent much time at Cush when we first started dating and many of our friends hung out there with us.  We also knew the owner of Grecian Delight, a greek resturant in the same building.  In fact, Chris was the best man in our wedding.  We spent many after bar hours there stuffing our faces, because really, you can only drive home from a night of drinking after filling your gullet with Gyro's.  Pizza Man was a pizza place and wine bar also in the same building.  We only at there a handfull of times, but they had great pizza, a great atmosphere and excellent wine.  There was another resturant in the building called the Black and White Cafe.  I only ate there once and was not impressed.  They ruled the fire as arson and so far no one has come forward.  I'm so sad for all the establishment owners and the apartment dwellers.  They demolished the building the same week and now it's just an empty lot.  I've driven past the lot a few times and it just makes me sad.  Sad for the people who lost their homes.  Sad for the people who lost the businesses they have poored their lives into.  Sad for the owner of the building.  Sad for the people of the East Side and surrounding areas who loved going to those places.

Easter weekend, a bar and resturant owned by the mother of a good friend was lost in a fire.  They had a great fish fry every Friday and Patsy Cline on the jukebox.  This place is not only special to us because of our friend who's family owns it but because most of us have had an event there or at least attended a few events there.  I had one of my wedding shower's there.  I can't count how many wedding or baby shower's I've attended there.  There have been many wedding's, including the children of the owner.  We've celebrated numerous birthday's there.  On Good Friday, the day before the fire, I thought that we should go there for fish.  We never did.  I'm sad.  Sad for the family who owned and ran the bar.  Sad for the owners who have poured their life into the business.  Sad for the regular customers who had fish every Friday.  Sad for those who stopped in occasionaly to have a beer.  Sad for the people in the area who loved going to The Keg.

Most importantly, in all these fires, no one was hurt.  The posessions are gone but our memories will live on. 

I'm sad that we will never be able to take Sydney to these places.

I hope they find the assjacket's that started these fires, then hang them by their toenails in a dark closet and leave them to rot.

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