Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sydney and I stand outside. It’s mid-November, but overall a nice day. Cloudy and near sixty degrees. The neighborhood is quiet and it’s peaceful. Usually it’s a buzz with traffic since there are a few hundred townhomes where we live. I hear the traffic on the highway. Birds fly south and in the peace I can hear their wings flapping. That’s how quiet it is. The baby takes it all in, the tree, the leaves, the air. There is really no expression on her face but I know she’s just taking it all in. Even the little breeze blowing in her face is a new experience. She’s getting so big, I just can’t believe it’s been three months. To celebrate, we decided to go to the mall for a little fresh air.

We never made it to the mall because Sydney decided to sleep for three hours this afternoon. I decided not to wake her and did laundry instead.

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