Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So Many Things

Sorry NaBloPoMo. I failed.... I didn't attempt to, but I got sick and baby caught a cold so I just couldn't do it. There's always next year...right?

Now that baby is almost three months old, there are a few things that I'm still quite puzzled about. Why don't they tell you that after you are done being pregnant, you body does even crazier things than it did while you were preggo? I can handle the leaky boobs and the night sweats, but seriously, what's with the gas? I didn't have any problems being pregnant. I had a very easy pregnancy, didn't get sick and stayed in relatively decent shape. Now that I'm 12 weeks out, I feel like my body is more out of wack now than it was before the birth. W.T.F?
And seriously, why doesn't anyone tell you about the guilt that comes along with even thinking about quitting breastfeeding. We are having no problems and I have no reason to quit, but a friend recently told me she had to due to low supply. I'm thoroughly jealous. Not because she had to quit, but because there is a different amount of freedom that comes along with formula. Formula = Freedom. No one tells you that you'll feel tied down, no one tells you that you'll feel guilty for pumping a bottle just so you can run to a doctor's appointment or to work. No one tells you just how much you'll miss the baby while you're gone. Maybe it's because every person is different. Or maybe people did tell me and I just didn't listen. Yeah, that's probably right. Note to self: Learn to listen better.
On the bright side:
I'd like to thank Frank for the awesome health insurance. It seems that the birth of our baby cost us just under $700. Without insurance, it would have cost us close to $16,000. For you math geeks, that's about 96% savings. YAY for us!
Baby Update: Sydney has figured out how to stick her index finger and thumb in her mouth at the same time. Usually she chokes herself. Not funny, but I laugh anyway. I guess it will take her a while to figure out how to suck on her fingers with out choking. She has also figured out how to rub her eyes when she gets tired. Too.Freaking.Cute. I have yet to catch her in the act with camera ready, so no pics.Yet.

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