Monday, November 2, 2009


National Blog Posting Month
Like I need another reason to slack off... It seems that I have stumbled across something that will allow me to fail! The tag line is "Post every day for a month. That's all you have to do." Easy...right? yeah, we'll see... What could I possibly have to talk about? I'm sure there's a lot...

Hey baby... What's up with the shivering? When I dropped Sydney off at daycare this morning, she woke up right away... No biggie, I pulled her out of her car seat and handed her to Miss Madeline. She (Sydney, not Madeline) let out a burp (which is what probably woke her), then started to shiver. We looked at each other puzzled. I have never seen the babe do that before. My immediate thought was fever. She didn't seem feverish, just tired, which is normal for the morning. So, I did a little research. Some babies shiver when they pee. Yeah, Ok. I'm hoping this was a one time thing, because it was weird and I don't want to see her shiver anymore, especially when it's 50 degrees out. When it's 2 outside, then fine, but not 50.

And what is up with this Daylight Savings Crap? I'm not on board... Why does it have to be light out before I get up at 5:45am? I really see no reason.

Gee, there's post 1... not too bad...

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