Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I grew up in the country.  Not in the middle of nowhere, but a couple miles from town.  My parents still live there.  In the same house I grew up in.  Last Sunday, I took Sydney with me so Dad could work on my car. 

Just me and my girl. 

We got an early start, and arrived around 9:00.  The weather was perfect.  The sun was shining, there were just enough clouds in the bright blue sky and it was quiet.  I didn't realize how much I truly miss the quiet until I was there this week.  At work and there is noise, copier, printer, phones, people, radios.  At home, there is noise, buses a block away, the highway 5 blocks away.  Since we live in a condo complex, we share a wall with the neighbor, the driveway and garages are right out our back door.  The TV is usually on after Sydney is in bed.  On the baby monitor I hear the noise machine.  When I sleep I hear the noise machine - which is not all bad because it drowns out the other noises.

Sunday was quiet.  Dad worked on the car and Sydney hung out in the bed of the truck.

We walked the estate and checked out the grapevine that is getting so big it knocked down the post.  Sydney took it all in. There was a slight breeze that she loved.  Mom hung up the swing and that was the end.  I could have stood there pushing my girl in the swing all day.  Sydney loved the sun, the swing and the cows. 

Things I love about this pic: Tongue/Smile, Hat, Cows

We talked about how we used to have a rope swing in that tree. We talked about how we used to set up the orange tent under that tree and the neighbor girls used to come over.  There were so many memories and I can't wait for Sydney to start creating memories there too.  And I can't wait to move to a quieter place someday because on Sunday I felt calm and content for the first time in a while.

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