Friday, May 28, 2010

Sick and Tooth

May has been another sick month around our house. Frank had a horrible ear infection, Sydney has been up several times in the night almost every night over the last few weeks and she, Abby and I ended up with the stomach flu. First, Sydney had a runny nose and goopy eyes and after yet another horrible night, I took her in for a checkup and you guessed it - double ear infection. Again. Poor baby. On another round of antibiotics, which resulted in throwing up day 5.  Because it was a similar medication that she got sick on last time, I assumed it was a side effect and immediatly stopped giving her the meds.  That was Saturday.  Then on Monday, I started throwing up.  It was then I realized that it wasn't a medication side effect, it was actually the flu.  It was my day off for the week due to child care issues and it sucked.  BAD.  I was so sick that Frank had to come home from work to take care of us.  Turns out Abby also ended up sick that day.  Sydney was acting wierd and I was worried - not exactly sure if it was because I was sick or because something was wrong with her, so Frank took her in for another checkup.  I was scared that becuase I stopped her meds, her ears weren't healed.  Turns out the doc said about her ears, "I couldn't be happier with how they look".  What a relief!  She was good for about a week, then started to act funny again on Sunday. I took her to daycare on Monday even though I new something was up and she felt a little warm. You guessed it they called me around 2:00 to pick her up becuase she had a fever of 102.4.  I immediately called the clinic and got her in . By the time I got her there about an hour later, her fever was 99.9 and her throat was a little red.  As we were fighting to hold her still on the table so the doc could check her ears, I noticed a white spot on her upper gums.  That's right, my baby girl has her first tooth.  Upper right and not center - totally wierd, right?  Due to the fever, I had to keep her home on Tuesday, even though she was totally fine, the 24 hour rule was in effect.  Have I mentioned how I hate the 24 hour rule?  She went back to daycare on Wednesday and I got a call about 2:30 from her teacher.  Her eye is a little red, swollen and leaking.  Because she had been there all day, they could keep her and I just had to get her drops in a couple times before taking her back.  I'm glad because I really needed to be at work that day.  Last night, she woke up around 10 with a bloody nose.  I'm not sure what that is all about, but I got her fixed up, and back to sleep.  She continued to wake up MANY MANY times through the night and this morning she had a runny nose and cough.  As the day has gone on, she seems ok so I'm not thinking much of it.  Hopefully it's just a little bug that will be in and out of her system fast so we can enjoy our long weekend and get back to sleeping through the night. Momma's tired, yo!

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