Monday, May 31, 2010


I've decided to start running. For those of you who know me, when asked if I run, I usually say "Only from the Cops". Frank laughs at this because he calls me a "Gooder" - he knows I've never had to run from the cops, but still, I think I'm funny.

Why run? Why not?  It's become one of those things on my bucket list.  And seriously, the runner's I know are some of the healthiest people I've ever met.  Some people I know recently ran the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. They totally inspired me and I've decided to do it. I'm giving myself a year to train, which I'm sure is more than enough. Since I made my decision, my friend Becky also decided to do it with me. She's running a half in the fall and I'm very excited to join her next spring.

I never before wanted to do any running so the entire idea of it is very new to me. My girl, Diane, over at Anytime Fitness is already helping me out by giving me some tips. It's pretty cool to know people who are willing to help.

I will post my triumphs here and because there won't be any failures, I won't need to post them!

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