Thursday, May 27, 2010

Love The Gulf

I have never visited the Gulf.  It doesn't matter though.  My grandparents used so spend months in Gulf Shores, AL.  I have always wanted to go there and see what they have seen.  It makes me sad to know that things will probably be drastically different by the time I get there. 

What BP is not doing to protect the world is enough to piss a person off.  The anger, sadness and worry that I feel is nothing compared to the people who live on and near the Gulf.  I listen to NPR almost daily and story's like this really break my heart. 

When I first heard about the spill and the oil rig workers that were killed and hurt on the rig, I got teary and sad.  That's what I do these days.  My heard aches for those workers and their families.  Then I got teary and sad when I started to think about the animals in the ocean and everything and everyone else who is going to be affected by this horrific incident.  I immediately told Frank that we needed to go buy a case of Dawn because that is one way we could help the animals.

The impact to the people of the Gulf, the US and the World is unknown. 
The impact to the organisms living in the Gulf is unknown. 
The impact to the local economies is unknown.
The impact to the US and World economies are unknown.
Life is always unknown, but this is the most horrible kind of unknown. 
I can only hope that those responsible for this receive a punishment that fits the crime. 

I hope to someday visit the Gulf.  I also hope that it won't be totally destroyed by this collosal mistake.

It's a Love the Gulf blog carnival.  Write your story, and share it here or here.

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