Thursday, December 17, 2009

Breaking the Silence

Now that we have a baby and still need to get out the door on time - well actually earlier than we used to, someone has to be the first one up. It's usually always been me, so I guess some things never change. But now that we have a baby and her crib is in our room, since there's nowhere else for it, there's also no more snoozing the alarm. I found that out the hard way twice this week. If I don't get up to shut it off during the first few seconds of it going off, baby wakes up. And if I snooze it so it goes off again in 10 minutes, she most definitely wakes up. And if that happens, she's up almost an hour before I'd like her to be, which usually always makes Dad wake up too. And he is not happy about being up anytime before 7 on most days. I used to think it was totally annoying that I was the first one up in the morning, and I still sort of do, but even though it's the beginning to another rat race day, I sort of like it. I'm the one to break the silence of the night. It's so quiet, everyone in the house still sleeping soundly. Sometimes I even have to check to the baby because she's sleeping so soundly. I hate to turn on the shower or the blow dryer because it's so loud, but when those aren't running I like that I can just enjoy the quiet. It's a different kind of quiet than daytime naptime or after her bedtime. I just can't explain it. It's one thing about the morning and getting up early that I like, even if I am the first one to break the silence.

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