Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mom and Blog

So, I guess I'm a Mommy Blogger. Since I'm a mom and I blog about my kid and other stuff, that makes me a Mommy Blogger. Ok. I can handle that. I also follow a lot of other bloggers, and it wasn't until I recently read a blog by Jason over at DadCentric that I realized that most of the bloggers I follow have had some detrimental thing happen to their family. His child was sick with Kawasaki Disease when he was a baby. Other bloggers I follow have had horrible things happen to their kids, their spouses or themselves. I'm not sure if these bloggers started their blogs in order to keep family and friends updated to the status of the bad thing or if there was another reason. I haven't done the research, but all I know is that I'm scared that something bad might just happen to us because I follow these other blogs. I know that's stupid, but after reading the horrible things that happen to some people, I can only wonder. One thing I do know is that I'm inspired by how resilient these families are even given the circumstances they have been faced with. I also know that I'm thankful I have a healthy, happy baby and that my family is healthy too!
Speaking of that healthy, happy she is!

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