Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Four Christmas's and a Wedding Shower

Not like Four Wedding's and a Funeral. Not that I would know, because I never saw that movie. I wonder if RedBox has it. Seriously...RedBox. That cracks me up. I mean COME ON... I digress.... We had/have Four Christmas's and a Wedding Shower this season. We are done with all but one Christmas celebration which will take place on this Saturday. I'm so impressed with little Sydney. Through all the staying up late, noise, paper, boxes, presents and general over stimulation, she did great. She only had one minor meltdown and I think that's because she was scared because she woke up in a strange dark room all by herself in someone else's house. I think I'd be scared too.
Here's how it all played out. Thursday Night - the Eve. Ever since I met Frank in 2002, we have ALWAYS spent Christmas Eve with his Grandma and parents. The last two years, his sister and her family joined us. We eat Ham on Rolls, Grandma's Beans, and Potato Salad, then let Grandma open her gifts. We don't get home until after 9, which makes for a late night for baby because she is usually in bed around 7. Christmas Morning, we get up, this year earlier than usual because we are no longer on my schedule but Sydney's. Then we wait. Staring at the tree. with longing eyes. Actually this year, I put the baby down for a nap and did laundry and filled the dishwasher. I know, On Christmas... But hey, it's got to be done! When Frank goes to pick up Abby, we then get to open gifts. Baby did great! She took hold of the paper and tore it up, immediately followed by putting it in her mouth.
Video to follow when I get 5 minutes to upload them....
Then back to Frank's parent's house for more festivities which include Christmas Sausage and baked Pasta and other goodies, followed by gift opening and games. Sydney did great at opening those gifts too! She got an awesome VTech Learn & Discover Driver. It's awesome and she loves it! She got other noisy toys from her Aunt's and Uncle's as well as a sweet pink afghan made by none other than her Uncle John. I might just steal it for myself until she's old enough to really appreciate it. Before we knew it, our day of fun was over and it was time to go home... Another night past baby's bedtime.
On Saturday we spent the day with Grammy's family at Cousin Kevin's AWESOME house. OHMYGODIMSOJEALOUS! That house was awesome. So awesome in fact that you couldn't even tell that almost the entire family was there. Baby did good and all my uncles just loved her. She got some pretty sweet clothes from family too. BUT didn't really nap ALL day. For those of you with babies, you totally get what I'm sayin'. NO NAP = CRABBY BABY! HAHA! Not my baby! She was awesome until she woke up by herself in the DARK in the Master Bedroom. In which case she proceeded to cry until we wrapped her up and took her home. She was back to sleep before we got out of the driveway. Another late night, but she did good.
Sunday we spent the afternoon at my cousin's Wedding Shower, followed by a little shopping at Costco.
Sunday night she slept ALL NIGHT LONG, from 7:30pm to 6:00am! YAY for me! I thought it was a fluke, but she did it again last night... 7:30pm to 5:30am! We'll see how long that lasts!!!!!

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