Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Cat Named Rascal

So, today my cat went to kitty heaven. RIP 8/1/91 - 12/19/09

She's been my cat since 1991, however has been living at my parents house through college and after I moved out 2002. This cat, named Rascal, was a crazy little bitch. She would bite you and claw at you every chance she got ever since she was a kitten. Even though she was my cat, when I moved out, my Dad sort of took to her. She would sit on the arm of the chair and meow at him when she was hungry until he got up and fed her. Then hours later in the dark of night, as he walked through the dark house, she would jump out and attack. Each of us suffered horrible claw marks to our calves at one time or another due to her attacking. And as much as she pissed us off when she did it, we would still laugh about it. She was the runt of the litter and taken away from the clan about a week earlier than she should have been so I could have her as a gift. The first night I had her she curled up on my pillow next to me. At that time, so small. Even at her biggest, she didn't really weigh much, but she always looked huge because of her long hair. There's a taxidermist that lives down the road from Mom and Dad's so we often joked about getting her stuffed because my Dad would miss her so much. We didn't get her stuffed today, but I might have to go in search of a stuffed toy animal that looks like her to give Dad just in time for Christmas. Dad also always asked me when I was going to pay the back cat support I owed. I always just laughed! Maybe someday I'll pay up!

Rest in Peace little kitty. Have fun playing with Rex, Daisy, Spike and Mooch up there... I'm sure Spike and Mooch are tormenting you and Rex is letting you hide by him. And Daisy is walking on the ceiling.....

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justnangel53 said...

So right Baby, we will miss her.