Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's with the Ears?

In early November, I blogged about the baby being sick. Well, she still is. Yeah, that's right. It's December freaking 11th and she's still sick. We've been to the doctor count it 4 times in the last month and I've been called to pick her up early from Daycare 3 times. So, on Nov 10, I took her to the Doc because the stuffy nose was just hanging on. Doc said she was fine, it was just a virus. If I had only known that was not the worst of it. The next day she was better and I foolishly thought we were home free. Then the day after that (Thursday) she got worse. Then over the weekend she got a little worse and then progressively worse throughout the week. That Thursday, the 19th, they called me from daycare becuase she wouldn't eat. I called the Doc and got her in. They again said it's just a virus and her ears look fine. Little bit of Tylenol here and there and she should be feeling better in no time. Ok, that's easy. By the next Wednesday, which mind you was the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, Daycare called again, and yes I had to leave early to go get my babe because she wouldn't eat and was VERY fussy. Once we got home, she seemed fine just a little fussy so I didn't worry about it. By Saturday the 28th, she had a cough when she woke up. I made the decision to take her to the Doc again. Spend $10 at the clinic or spend $100 at Childrens ER. That's an easy pick, don't you think? Diagnosis: Ear Infection. Fluid in both sides, left worse than right. They started her on Amoxicillin. She proceded to get a little rash by Monday. Great, allergic, just like me. So I called the clinic after hours and they said NO MORE AMOX. Ok. The next day she started Azythromyacin for 5 days. Her last dose was Saturday the 5th - Yes December 5th. She seemed better but not great. So, I sent her to daycare again Monday. They called me again, just before 5 because she had been screaming and again wouldn't eat. My child is not a screamer. When Miss Madeline (the best first daycare provider a girl could ask for) called again at 4:40 on Monday afternoon, I immediately called the clinic...again. Clinic closes by 5 but the nurse said bring her to Urgent Care. Ok, done. This doc said she STILL has fluid in her ears and the rash is not an allergic reaction. Another anitbiotic started Monday night. Now we are at Friday. She seems to be doing better, but has started to grab at that left ear. I'm not sure if this is something she just learned to do or if her ear hurts her. We see her regular doc tomorrow for her 4 month appointment. Hopefully the ears will look better because I am beginning to approach the end of my rope. Seriously.

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